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An Environmental Leader in Stormwater Management for Over 65 Years

Stetco is the industry leading manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic specialty equipment, offering a unique approach to municipal stormwater management.


A Multi-Purpose Municipal Workhorse

Stetco is a pioneer in the catch basin cleaning industry and a top-quality manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic specialty equipment. Our products offer a unique, positive approach to municipal stormwater management, providing cost-efficient catch basin cleaning with exceptional ease and reliability.

Stetco’s versatility and breadth of products are ideal for even the most challenging municipal drainage infrastructure issues, such as navigating the tight confines of urban areas, and at depths of up to 45 meters below grade. Our innovative Orange Peel, Rectangular Clamshell and Round Clamshell claw trucks are equipped to handle heavy, large debris and can perform cleaning operations that no other equipment can. Stetco’s hydraulic specialty equipment effectively complements and enhances vacuum trucks’ capabilities at about half the cost, delivering clean stormwater and drainage structures.



An Environmental Leader in Stormwater Management

Industry leader Stetco provides cost-efficient, eco-friendly management of municipal drainage operations, in compliance with EPA stormwater mandates. Our innovative products perform in any climate and deliver a durability that is unmatched in the catch basin cleaning industry, with low costsof operation, maintenance and repair. Stetco’s custom-engineered clam truck buckets are designed to squeeze out water while removing volumes of heavy debris of all shapes and sizes from storm drains, reducing unproductive dump runs.

The ease and versatility of our clam truck equipment allows for digging in dry conditions as well, with no need to introduce water to create slurry. Stetco’s single-engine efficiency trucks burn less fuel and operate at a quiet volume, providing the necessary conditions to maintain diverse stormwater collection systems while making a measurable impact for municipal clients and the environment.


Stormwater Management
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Low Costs of Operation, Maintenance and Repair

Eco-Friendly Compliance with EPA Stormwater Mandates

Squeezes Out Water While Removing Heavy, Large Debris

Single-Engine Efficiency Trucks and Quiet Operating Volume

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Versatility/Compatibility with Vacuum Trucks

Reaches Depths Up to 45 Meters Below Grade

Best-in-Class Hydraulic Catch Basin Cleaners

Performs in Any Climate or Weather Condition


"There are plenty of options when you need to get rid of furniture. Dumping it into a waterway isn't really one of them. But when a report of furniture in Goose Creek came in, MSD went out with a "clam shell truck"—normally used to clean stormwater basins—to remove the debris."