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Catch Basin Cleaners

Stetco Catch Basin Cleaners (CBCs) are a dependable and affordable option for cleaning and maintaining all drainage infrastructure.

The series provides a wide range of options and accessories to maximize productivity and return on investment. Use as a stand-alone solution or pair with vac trucks to extend their life, save time, and save money on expensive repairs. Clean catch basins by extracting debris with your choice of a bucket – orange-peel, rectangular clamshell, or round clamshell. This multi-use machine can also be used for snow and ice control in the winter by easily attaching a plow. The extensive available options for accessories maximize your return on investment.

Stetco Catch Basin Cleaner options include

Catch Basin Cleaner



Compact package with big machine functionality. Ideal for tight municipal confines, urban confines, parks, green infrastructure, and small towns.


Mainstay of municipal and contractor basin cleaning fleets


Proven municipal performance with additional boom outreach

950 Combination Unit

Multi-function cleaning powerhouse integrates Stetco’s JetPac system with 950 Catch Basin Cleaner for the comprehensive cleaning solution.