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Top-Quality Municipal Storm Drain Management

Stetco’s line of catch basin cleaners (CBCs) and equipment is a cost-effective and dependable solution to challenging drainage infrastructure issues. Equipped with our innovative hydraulic clamshell or orange peel buckets, our catch basin cleaners can easily handle vast amounts of substantial, heavy, hard to move debris. The buckets squeeze out water while loading the debris, saving space and time by decreasing the number of trips per job.

A Multi-Purpose Municipal Workhorse

Our products work as stand-alone solutions or in support of vacuum trucks to extracting the large debris that can damage vac-trucks, thus extending their life and reducing the repair costs that would be incurred otherwise.

CBCs work in all climates and for a variety of jobs proving their versatility and practicality. Use Stetco CBCs as a dump truck, or attach a plow to them in the winter to use for snow and ice management.  Stetco equipment delivers results all year round in any climate.

Our products can be used in a variety of drainage infrastructure

Stetco Product Highlights


"There are plenty of options when you need to get rid of furniture. Dumping it into a waterway isn't really one of them. But when a report of furniture in Goose Creek came in, MSD went out with a "clam shell truck"—normally used to clean stormwater basins—to remove the debris."